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The Community Violence Prevention Program was created by Governor Quinn in October 2010. The initiative is implemented in 23 neighborhoods in Chicago and the suburbs through ICJIA (Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority). The goal of the CVPP is to reduce risk factors and promote protective factors associated with violence through a wide range of community-based services for youth and young adults including: social, emotional and job skill development; case management, trauma-informed counseling for students in need of early intervention; mentoring; reentry services; and tutoring and other school supports that enhance young people’s ability to succeed in school, in their community and in life.

In 2013, CVPP:

- Served 23 communities, spanning 68 zip codes

- Provided $13.3 million in grant support

- More than 1,800 youth between 16-24 years old received job training and were employed by 421 partnering employers

- 360 mentors provided approximately 79,200 hours of youth mentoring

- 27 youth-involved community service projects were completed

- 32,400 hours of community service were completed by youth in CVPP communities

- 449 youth and adults were served by CVPP Reentry programs

- 1,010 parent leaders were trained

- 48,480 hours of community service were completed by adults in CVPP communities

As one of the lead agencies for the Community Violence Prevention Program, ALSO is partnering with community organizations and providers in offering vital services to children, youth, and families in Logan Square.

Youth Employment Program (YEP) (Spring/Summer 2014)

CVPP's Youth Employment Program connects businesses and organizations with the next generation of talented and diverse young workers. CVPP will provide job skills training to 80 Chicago-area young people ages 16 to 24 in the Logan Square community. These youth will be available to work part-time at partnering local businesses and organizations for nine weeks in Summer 2013.

  • All wages are subsidized by the CVPP state grant program without cost to employers.
  • CVPP manages all payroll and bookkeeping functions related to youth employment.
  • CVPP manages recruitment and screening and provides workforce development training prior to employment to make youth valued employees.

Parent Program (Spring 2014)

The Parent Program will employ and charge parent leaders in the Logan Square community to reduce the risk factors that contribute to violence and negativity and promote the factors that contribute to family and community stability, well-being, and peace. Parent leaders will strenghten their own families and work in teams to advance transformation of their neighborhoods. The 19-week Parent Program is a collaboration of citizens, business, government, schools, and non-profit organizations that will support parents in raising healthy, positive, and productive children.

Reentry (Ongoing)

Increase reentry services for youth and young adults returning to the Logan Square community from youth and adult correctional facilities. Case managers will support the individual and their families in accessing services such as educational programs, healthcare, and housing.

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